Walkaround Check App

Gone are the days when fleet management involved lots of paperwork; guessing the volume of traffic and the time likely to be needed to complete a job and worrying about safety. The Check-It walkaround app can remove the need for tedious paper-based systems, and ensure that you are complient with the RSA mandated Walkaround check. Real-time notifications ensure you are always proactive.

Vehicles need to comply with the RSA regulations to ensure safety for both employees and employers. This applies to vehicles owned by the company and to those owned by staff but used for work purposes ( This is refferred to as the "grey fleet" ).

Check-It provides a mobile walkaround check app for your drivers to ensure that they can quickly look at the vehicle they are about to use and confirm that it is safe. They can also log any damage before and after use so that the condition of each fleet vehicle is constantly updated and recorded.

There is no need for paperwork with the digital walkaround check, so, not only is the information logged directly, but there is no need to return completed forms to the office before the driver can leave for the job.

Get yourself connected

However big the size of the fleet you manage is, being connected to your drivers makes your business more efficient and your drivers safer. With Check-It, you can monitor the daily driver walkaround checks and see if any have been missed.

The mileage of each vehicle is recorded, allowing for better budget management and it can even undertake benefit in kind calculations to help with payroll and accuracy. It also means that the vehicles can be booked in for servicing on time and, therefore, reduce running costs as vehicles will spend more time at optimum performance.

Driver connectivity enables your operations team to be able to let drivers know how to deal with any defects while they are out at work, and reporting lines. This also lets your business communicate delays and the reasons to the customer, creating stronger relationships, trust and a greater chance of repeat business and recommendations.

Mobile management

The Check-It app is available on platforms including Android, Apple, Blackberry and Microsoft and works on phones or tablets. The instant electronic walkaround check is logged in real time and automated reminders are sent to drivers who have not submitted their checks, making sure that your business is compliant with the safety laws in the workplace and that your workforce is safe in the vehicles they use.

Instant notifications ensure that fleet managers are connected to their drivers while on the road and that any issues are noted early, rather than awaiting the paperwork to be entered before any problems are highlighted, perhaps weeks later.

How do I start using Check-It?

Simply contact us for a free demonstration of the app to see how it could benefit your company and make managing your fleet easier while improving efficiency and having peace of mind that your drivers are safe and you are compliant with legislation. There’s no reason not to know exactly how safe your fleet is with Check-It.