Dashboard Features

A Best In Class Admin Panel


Fleet Management

Through experience we have learned that every business is different. From start-up to major corporation, we work closely with you to determine your specific needs and develop a solution to meet your fleet requirements. Our online portal allows you access to your fleet and drivers information on demand, by laptop, desktop or mobile phone.


Maintenance Management

Empower your fleet manager to handle the issues as soon as they arise through effective communication and real time reporting Our App reports any issues identified with your fleet and enables you to rectify these and reduce maintenance costs.


Driver Connectivity

Greatly enhance the driver & manager communication with the powerful Check-It walk around Mobile APP that allows your driver to notify you whenever an issue, an accident or a service request arises. Our best-in-class App allows you to be connected to your drivers.

The Easy Walk Around Check

The RSA Walkaround Checks present a powerful & effective solution for preventing potentially dangerous issues by spotting them before the vehicles are used. Employers and self employed people should ensure themselves with an efficient routine daily checks in place to ensure that vehicles are in good working order before the start of a journey.

The Road Safety Authority in collaboration with the Health & Safety Authority and An Garda Siochána have developed a series of vehicle walk around checklists to highlight the importance of regular driver vehicle checks and to assist drivers in carrying out the checks. These are aimed at the most commonly found work vehicles and cover Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs), Vans and Light Goods Vehicles (LGVs) and Bus and Public Service Vehicles (PSVs).

Read more about our mobile app for walk around checks available on Apple iOS, Windows Phone 8.0-10.0, and Android 4.4+

Mobile Showcase

Our Mobile App Features

playlist_add_check Walk Around Check

Innovate your Vehicle Walk Around checks and eliminate all the tedious paper-based systems by providing a mobile App solution. Comprehensive mobile checks as defined by RSA will ensure your fleet’s optimum performance and ensure better vehicle safety policies for your organisation.

local_shipping Mileage Validation

Our App will only accept daily check-in’s once the odometer is verified from the previous check in reading. Validation ensures you that you have accurate mileage readings on a daily basis. Maximise your fleet's performance by ensuring that your vehicles are serviced on schedule, eliminating avoidable costs from vehicle failure

send Instant Notifications

You will be immediately notified about any vehicle problems including: check-in issues, accidents, service requests and missed vehicle check-ins.

message Service Requests

Through the App drivers can select the service type, date, location and if a replacement vehicle is required. A unique reference id is generated for each request. After immediate notification the fleet manager then confirms the driver’s service requirement by either phone or SMS notification. Minimising both vehicle and driver downtime.

settings Accident Reporting

If your driver encounters an accident, our simple and intuitive in-app form, allows your driver to collect valuable data at the scene of the accident. Your designated email list will be notified as soon as a driver submits the report.

warning Breakdown Assistance

You can enjoy an absolute peace of mind 24/7 knowing that your drivers will have information available at the touch of a button. They will be guided to the most effective solution to their breakdown by providing contact numbers to get assistance, ensuring their safety and vehicle recovery.