Exception Reporting

Our experienced management is at the forefront of knowledge, innovation and technology used in vehicle fleet management and mobile app solutions. As an independent consultancy company we have expertise in all aspects of fleet management with dedicated in-house developement to keep up-to-date with technology and provide effective solutions for your daily fleet requirements.

We bring unique solutions to our customers who require vehicle fleet management. Our management team combine expertise, research, objectivity, independence, personal attention, creative thinking to provide bespoke solutions for the daily management of your fleet. 

We provide innovative and high added value solutions for your company at competitive prices. Our vehicle walk around App is one such product designed to meet your legal requirements and provide a solution to capture

  • Real time driver verification that vehicles are safe and roadworthy before daily use.
  • Record of your daily driver walk-around checks.
  • Report of missed driver walk-around checks.
  • Record of mileage for each vehicle.
  • Record of any defects logged by the driver.
  • Real time operator feedback to driver on how to deal with defects and reporting lines.
  • Provide an Audit trail, detailing who logged the defect, to which vehicle the defect relates and when this defect was noted.
  • Defects are logged instantly in the real time Defect Log delivered to your fleet manager.
  • Real time Driver Notifications on vehicle status are sent to the driver showing the status of the vehicle. 

Accident Reporter is an app to allow your driver to report an  accident at time of incident and our web based  monitoring system that enables you to keep a central record of all vehicle-related accidents your employees may be involved in. By recording all the essential information in one place you can easily spot trends and react quickly to any insurance claims.

  • Instant Alerts to lease company and fleet manager
  • Contact Numbers for recovery
  • Administration panel to capture all information for claim handling
  • Facility for Benefit in Kind calculations for payroll purposes.