Fleet Management

Managing your fleet effectively can prove to be one of the most daunting, tedious and time – consuming tasks related to the industry.

Getting quick information and updates while being able to easily, responsibly and reliably manage your fleet is a sure way towards gaining an edge over your competition and outperforming them on consistent basis .

If you are serious about managing your fleet with a best in class "Walkaround Check App" that will enable your team to develop a quick and efficient mode of communication, download the app and all of these features are available for you within seconds, at the tip of your fingers, including:

  • Being able to complete and send “RSA Walk Around Checks” in seconds.
  • Allow drivers to report accidents with imagery. 
  • Easy to use “request services” button.
  • Quick & Efficient “breakdown assistance" details.

Digitalize your required "RSA Walkaround Checks" and take your fleet management to a whole new level with the "Check-It Walkaround App" that will take care of the most tedious and boring processes for you while enabling you to efficiently focus on what matters most – your business.

 Check-It is an efficient cloud-based fleet management and maintenance software that makes the process of managing, organizing and providing preventive maintenance for your fleet easy, efficient and reliable. 

Flexible enough to enable you to choose as little or as much information to track and manage as you need. SMS and Email ensure you quickly and efficiently receive notifications as soon as a certain vehicle or piece of equipment is due for service, maintenance or repair.

Built on the foundational principles of commitment to excellence, quality of service and always making sure to go the extra mile in order to ensure your absolute satisfaction, at Check-It Consultancy we pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality fleet maintenance solutions that are uniquely tailored to your company’s specific needs and requirements. 

We specialize in providing you with an all – encompassing fleet management option that will take care of providing you with a reliable and efficient solution for maximizing your fleet’s commercial performance and making sure your vehicles and drivers are working at their maximum potential at all times.

Our cloud-based fleet management control panel, accompanied by our "Walkaround Driver App" is uniquely tailored towards freeing you from the tedious, obsolete paper systems that are inefficient and yield low quality results.

You have the unique opportunity to maximize your fleet’s performance and unleash the full extent of your company’s potential with efficient, innovative fleet management solutions which will take care of optimizing performance and greatly enhancing communication between management, drivers and the commercial vehicles in order to enable you to provide a top quality service at all times.

When using the "Check-It Walkaround App", you can rest assured you’ll receive the highest quality combination of vehicle based technology and software that will assist your vehicle performance, support your drivers, save time and increase the overall fleet’s efficiency.

Our Fleet Management Solutions are the key part of today’s most useful, versatile and cost – efficient fleet monitoring options that will enable your drivers, dispatchers and management team to efficiently work together. Allowing you to improve and optimize fleet resources, performance, communication, and emergency responses while lowering your overall cost and improving profits.

We fully realize that fleet operations are finding themselves under growing pressure to deliver a more efficient and resourceful service while ensuring impeccable protection of valuable assets and providing a safe working environment with consistent growth for the staff. 

Quality Fleet Management software  has time and time again proven to be an essential and most effective tool in enhancing your fleet’s and vehicle’s efficiency, reducing cost and allowing businesses to do more with less.

Our Fleet Management solutions will not only deliver an impeccable tracking, management and communication solutions that will provide you with a complete return on investment in a very short period of time, they will also do an extraordinary job at enhancing your team’s communication, deliver exceptional savings rates on fuel, reduce overall vehicle miles driven and improve your driver’s efficiency for obvious benefits. 

You’ll be able to enjoy improved security, better driver behavior, and more efficient execution of agency mandates that will deliver even more value to your organization.

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